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Cross Taping


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Step by Step guide too Cross Taping

By "Turbo": turbos_uncircumcision@hotmail.com
Copied with permission from: Turbos Foreskin Restoration Information and Techniques


Step One
First you will need tape of a width of 1 inch. Place a strip of that tape about 6 inches in length on a clean surface to cut.
Step Two
Next get a razor blade or x-acto knife and CAREFULLY cut the strip of tape in half.
Step Three
Now peel that strip of tape from the surface slowly so that it does not lose its stickyness.
Step Four
Turn the tape over on your cutting surface. Put it off to the side for a min, to do the next step.
Step Five
On one end of that tape, cut about 1/2 of an inch off to use.
Step Six
Ok, now apply the stcky side of the small tape to the middle sticky side of the long tape.
Step Seven
Now on each side of the non-sticky middle section, cut off the excess of the tape that is longer then 1 inch from the end of the non-sticky middle portion of the tape.
Step Eight
Now Time to pull it out! Go ahead and pull the skin as far up on your shaft as you can.
Step Nine
Now Time to pull it out! Go ahead and pull the skin as far up on your shaft as you can.
Step Ten
Pull the other side of the shaft skin up as tight as you can so that when you apply the other side of the tape, it creates tension which will force the skin to strech.
Step Eleven
Now with the other side of the tape you had cut, trim it down to size about the same length as last time.
Step Twelve
With the excess tape cut another 1/2 inch section.
Step Thirteen
Now apply that section of tape you just cut to the long strip of tape you already have.
Step Fourteen
Apply the tape starting from ventral side or bottom.
Step Fifteen
While you are applying the tape, keep pulling on it to keep the tension.
Step Sixteen
Work the tape as best and as straight as you can over to the dorsal side or the top.
Step Seventeen
Great you are done!!!.
Why should I use the cross tape method?

The cross tape method is one of the best methods to get started restoring with.  A quick trip to a drug store to buy medical tape and your on your way.  This method will allow you to start growing new skin and try other methods.

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