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T-Tape Picture Book



These pages show via pictures and words how to make and use the straps and T-Tapes needed for restoration. The method shown here is a variation on the methods described by others -- a variation which simplifies and speeds making and using the T-Tapes. These pages assume you already know quite a bit of information about non-surgical restoration, so please explore this topic fully before using any of the information here. I highly recommend you start by visiting the very comprehensive site Chymmylt's Restoration Pages before reading these pages -- the amount of information there, and the links and photos he provides, provide a wealth of information about non-surgical restoration. Note that Chymmylt's site contains the information formally contained on the Derrick Townsend Site. I also strongly suggest you read QBMan's Restoration Journal -- its a very comprehensive diary with photos, and will give you a good idea of successes and trials of the T-Tape restoration process on a day-to-day basis.


Well, lets get started. First, read the legal and copyright notices near the bottom of this page. Next, visit the pages of this Picture Book by just clicking on table of contents below. Note that these pages will display OK at normal VGA resolution, but are designed to look best with screen resolutions of 800x600 or higher.


bullet Page 1.... Making the Elastic Straps
  Page 2.... Making T-Tape Backing Strips
bullet Page 3.... Making the T-Tapes.
bullet Page 4.... Installing the T-Tapes.
bullet Page 5.... Strapping up.
bullet Page 6.... Tips! (Hee hee)



LEGAL DISCLAIMER: While it is reported that most men can restore using the T-Tape method without problems as long as they use care and good judgment, I am not a doctor and therefore cannot advise you on the medical aspects of restoring. The material on these pages is NOT to be considered medical advice, and is provided for information only. I offer no express or implied warranties, and will not be responsible for anything resulting from the use of this information. If you choose to use any of it without first seeking medical advice, you are doing so at your own risk. Note that some of the graphics on these pages are not suitable for all audiences.

COPYRIGHT: These pages are Copyright 1996, 1997, 1998 by the author. No commercial use can be made of these pages or any of their text and graphic contents without the expressed written consent of the author. The pages can be distributed only as a complete set with all text and graphics, including this copyright notice.



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