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What Is The Anatomy Of An Intact Penis?

Many circumcised mean, as well as many women have never seen a normal (intact) penis. This page shows the natural penis and explains some of the terminolgy used when explaining the penis.

Glans (Glans Penis)
Is the sensitive erectile tip of the penis. It is wholly or partially covered by the foreskin, except when the foreskin is retracted, such as during sexual intercourse while the penis is erect.

(Urinary) Meatus
Is the opening of the urethra at the tip of the penis.. The urethra is a tube which connects the bladder to the outside of the body and allows the passage of both urine and semen.

Foreskin (Prepuce)
The tapered cylindrical double layer of tissue extending from behind the corona distally to about the end of the glans and returning, and generally considered to end at the same distance along the penis as it began.

Frenulum (frenulum preputii penis)
The part of the skin system of the penis covering the glans. The outer skin folds inward at the end of the foreskin. From this fold on to where it joins behind the glans is the sexually sensitive area of the skin system.

Inner Foreskin
Is a delicate tissue, like the mouth or vagina and is particularly sensitive. layer of mucosa is full of nerve endings that are sensitive to pressue and temperature and give pleasureable sensations during sexual intercourse. Secretes moisture that is lubricating, mildly anti-bacterial and moisturising for the glans which does not have this ability

Outer Foreskin
Is a continuation of the shaft skin of the penis. At the tip of the penis it folds over and becomes the Inner Foreskin.

Shaft Skin
The "body" of the penis, between the scrotum and the foreskin and glans. The skin of the shaft usually decreases in sensitivity from the foreskin back to the scrotum.

The 'crown,' a ridge of flesh demarcating where the head of the penis and the shaft join.

The grooved connection between the glans and the shaft of the penis.

Frenar Band (Ridge Band)
A zone of corrugated tissue running from the frenulum, around the inside of the foreskin close to the foreskin opening and back to the frenulum. It is richly endowed with nerves.

the urethra provides a dual purpose: to transport urine from the bladder and to transport the semen (sperm cells and fluid from the seminal vesicles and the prostate) out the tip of the penis.

Urinary Meatus
Opening of the urethra at the tip of the penis where urine and semen exit the body of the male.

Erect Intact Penis

Flaccid Intact Penis

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